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If you're looking for BIG BALLS, check out Balterboy.
He's learned how to pump his sac to the size of a Grade AA grapefruit and beyond.

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Balterboy's Pumping Technique

Here's a typical routine for a long cock and ball pump session.

I'm using two tubes, 2" and 2.5" diameter and three jars, with roughly 3.75", 4.5"
and 5.25" wide mouths. (I tend to go for girth rather than length because,
lets face it, I'm not gonna set any records in that category.)

For a couple hours before, I'll drink several glasses of water, then take a healthy piss
before I begin. I start out in the 2" tube, for only 15 - 20 minutes to 'fluff up'.

After a 2-3 minute break, I go into the first jar for 30-40 minutes.
Most of the expansion takes place after about 25 minutes; if I go
as long as 45 minutes, getting through the 3.75" wide mouth can be difficult.

Another short break, then I go back to the 2" tube, and pack it
solid in about 20-30 minutes. After a couple minutes, I move on to the next
jar and go 45 minutes - getting out of 4.5" width will take a couple minutes.

Then I move onto the 2.5" tube. I'm in it for about 25 minutes. My
donut and about a third of my length will pack, but not so much around the
base, and I don't want to push it and put too much pressure on the head at
this point.

By the time I start on the third jar my balls are about 15" around,
so from here on out its a matter of how much longer I can take it
before the glass starts seriously chafing my skin.

My longest session ran a little over 3.5 hours, where I maxxed out
at a sac just under 16.5" around.
At that size getting out of that last jar took about 10 minutes with lots
of lubrication. But the results were not wasted...


Recent cnb (cock n ball) session

These are from a few sessions over the last several months.
I'm into mutual ball worship, and get into long ball pump sessions.
Nothing gets me hotter than working over a pair of bloated balls
while their owner jerks off in my face!

I alternate between cock tubes and large mouth jars for ball pumping.
I haven't popped for a two-stage tube yet, but after 3 1/2 hours
I can get trapped in a jar with a 5.5" wide mouth.

The recent shots are from a 3 hour session,
where I usually get my balls to a bit over 15" around.
The two shots from May are from a longer session,
were I maxxed out at just under 16 1/2" diameter.

Heavy pumper!

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November 3, 2001 Session
Talk about Pumped Meat! Way to go, Balterboy!

November 4, 2001 Session


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