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A vet who knows that patience
is the key to Getting HUGE,
sets a great example.

He uses a wide variety of equipment - a great idea because each one brings out a different aspect of the Pump Effect.

CPumper1 (aka Gerry) has his own website.

Recently he spent a couple weekends pumping with Scott in Detroit. Scott writes of him:

Gerry (as well) takes his pumping seriously and it was great to exchange some ideas and tips with him...as you know, the benefit of pumpers meeting is just that....to exchange ideas, get incentive, have some fun as well as show off what you can do in a tube to someone who really appreciates the time and effort that goes into pumping. Gerry has some great pumped equipment on him and he was a lot of incentive for me.


Stached, piereced and packing!


Opening up the balls and the shroom in a Monster Tube


Mounting the 2-stage


Talk about mass!


Nice profile

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