How to Send Your Pics for the Pumper's Guide


If there's one thing better than perving on pumper pics, it's publishing your own!

I'm backlogged with submissions, so please help me out by following the instructions below.

Here's how to publish your pics:  
  1. Take well focused shots in bright light so you get good detail.
  2. Use "JPEG" format (filename ends with ".jpg")
  3. Preferred size: 640 x 480
  4. Send me 5 or 10 pics -- no more.
  5. No spaces in file names -- for example:
    packin my tube.jpg is bad
    packin_my_tube.jpg is good.
  6. No punctuation or special characters in file names:
    D'ya wanna stroke & suck my cock? is a real bad filename. Instead, call it:
    No language specific characters in file names:
    ιρόητ is a really bad one. Make it:
    Why all this BS about filenames?
    My site has to work with anyone's browser anywhere in the fucking wide world, so you have to use the lowest common denominator, plain old Roman characters. Nothing wastes my time more than fixing up filenames.
    Include shots both in and out of the tube.
  7. Standard shots (highlighted ones best of all!):
    - Before pumping
    - In the tube
    - Packing the tube
    - Between sets, showing progressive size increase
    - Pumped flaccid
    - Pumped erect
    - Assview of pumped balls
    - Stroking pumped
    - Cumshot
    Be creative - try action shots and views from unusual angles.
  8. Email your pics to
    To get through my spam filters, be sure to begin your subject line with "Pumper"